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I Hope You Are All Ready For A Rant

This has been a long time coming and here it is.

My brother has been playing football since he was 2 years old. He was born with football in his blood. Its more a lifestyle to him then a game or a hobby. Alex has started as a full back and line backer all 4 years of high school. He lead his team as captain his senior year to their 3rd consecutive play off appearance against the number 2 team in the state. Now, keep in mind that this high school is a division 2 football team, which is not at all right but that’s a whole different argument. My brother trained for this season like it was the end of his life. He went to Advantedge and the gym every single day of the week, no matter how sick he was or how much homework he had to do. To say he’s dedicated is an understatement. My brother had a phenomenal senior year with multiple touchdowns, game making plays, numerous game saving tackles, and a clinch against their rival, Negaunee. He was a superstar and everyone knew it.

Alex has began to prepare for college. His dream is to play college football. He deserves it and hes plenty good enough. He applied to many different colleges and sent them all his game tape from both junior and senior years. A few colleges responded. He decided that Michigan Tech was his top choice. He waited weeks for their football coaches to call him and they finally did. What they offered him you might ask? A PREFERRED WALK ON. Fucking bull shit. He deserves a scholarship. More than that fat ass in Negaunee (who my brother ran the fuck over this season) or a division 7 player who has to transfer from Marquette just to get some playing time. So, fuck you Michigan Tech. Just wait until my brother shows up there in the fall with his 207 pounds of muscle. He’s going to show them what he’s made out of and that he deserves more than this.

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This girl always turns any tragedy into something about killing unborn babies. First of all, a fetus isn’t a “baby” until it is born. Secondly, I think that this event is awful enough without someone twisting it into an argument against abortion. Thirdly, there is a HUGE difference “whether they’re born or still in the womb.” If you are confused about that last point, head to the search engines. Fourth, “A child surviving an abortion, but still having no right to life, and left to die because their mother just doesn’t want them.” This passage confuses the daylights out of me, and I intend to inquire as nicely as I can about it. Dissing our President, who has enough to deal with anyway and now has to figure out how to handle the families of these victims is common on Facebook, but I find it inappropriate.

Also, I don’t like her very much or the fact that she compared those children to a political controversy. But, ya know, she’s a voice for all of the unborn babies! Baby whisperer? Aaaaaand she needs to stop taking selfies every 2 seconds. But anyways, Obama was bad ass yesterday and gets president of the year for his speech because it made me cry. Hes a president that cares about the people, not just politics. That is all.
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$92 jfc




44 even. Damn..

$61. Can I go shopping with that or..?

$17… honestly more than I thought



$84….I regret nothing

I think I did some math wrong… but I went up to like, $90…. shit.

everyone should follow catsforbrains because she is amazesauce

she also just did a headstand over the computer trying to take an upside down trolling picture

im dumb

have you figured out this is catsforbrains yet?

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There’s nothing worse than having your heart broken on your birthday.

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Drinking an entire pot of coffee at 7 at night. WEEEEOOO

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This sucks.

My mom is basically cutting me off for saying fuck.

She says I don’t treat her well enough for her to provide me with anything.

This means I have to start paying my own medical bills and for my own prescriptions-which I can’t afford to do.

Which means goodbye anxiety medications, good bye depression medications. I was already dipping back into the pool of disparity so why not just envelope myself in it entirely.

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I may not go down in history but I’ll go down on you

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